Sunday DIY Projects to Update Your Home

Sunday DIY Projects to Update Your Home

Who doesn’t love Sundays! Sunday’s the day when the usual 9-to-5 grind takes a backseat, and the Netflix-and-chill routine reigns supreme. But here’s the rub - sometimes, even the coziest binge-watching sessions can start to feel repetitive and boring, leaving you yearning for a more engaging and invigorating way to spend your weekend downtime.

If you’ve landed yourself on one such Sunday and the thought of another rerun of ‘Friends’ is making you roll your eyes in despair, then boy, do we have a proposal for you! How about you take that dormant creativity, channel that pent-up, unused potential and give your home a little sprucing up? When the creative itch needs to be scratched, use it to add some pizzazz to your humble abode and give it that much-needed TLC.

So roll-up your sleeves, dust off your toolkit, channel your inner HGTV star, and prepare to make this Sunday anything but ordinary. Whether you're flying solo or rallying the family, we've rounded up 9 exciting DIY projects that are sure to transform your home and your weekend. 

1. Make a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard wall in living room with dining table and seats

Who said chalkboards belong only to the classroom? A chalkboard wall at home can serve as an outlet for your creative ideas through scribbles, doodles and changing art masterpieces! You can also use it for practical purposes to put up your to-do lists and reminders, or for your daily inspo with quotes and affirmations.

Creating a DIY chalkboard wall doesn’t ask for much either, and it’s totally something you can have ready in one Sunday. You can either go the traditional route and paint your wall with chalkboard paint, or simply use a chalkboard wall decal. While painting gives you a more permanent solution, peel-and-stick decals offer flexibility and are renter-friendly too.

2. Create an accent wall

Man & Woman paiting a wall together

Want to make a bold statement? An accent wall can single-handedly give your home that drab to fab transformation, and creating it can be loads of DIY fun too! Use painter’s tape and a variety of paint colors to make striking geometric patterns that’ll become the talk of the town.

Peel and Stick Wallpapers behind sofas

On the other hand, if painting isn’t your cup of tea, you could also try peel-and-stick wallpapers instead. They come in thousands of different print options – from modern patterns to florals, and will fit perfectly into any theme you envision for your space. And the best part? When you’re ready for a change, simply peel them off and start anew! Whether you’re a renter restricted by regulations or someone who simply doesn’t like the commitment a paint job demands, peel-and-stick wallpapers are what you need to turn that boring wall and Sunday afternoon around.

3. DIY temporary room divider

Whether you’re longing for a cozy private nook, or you want to add a functional divider or some stylish layering to your décor, creating a DIY room divider can be the perfect Sunday task for you. From repurposing old doors to crafting a fabric and metal or macramé divider, the possibilities are endless.

Affluent Flow Modern Room Divider

But if you’re particular about a clean, sleek and finished touch that goes perfectly with your modern décor, you could try a DIY modular room divider like this Affluent Flow Room Divider. It comes packaged with all the modular elements, and all you need to do is to fix them together with a screwdriver. The great thing about this divider is that it’s absolutely flexible. You can take it apart and reassemble it as and when you want.

4. Make DIY curtains

DIY Curtains in light corner nook

If you’re tired of staring at those ancient, store-bought curtains that have been hanging over your windows since forever, use your Sunday to give your windows a new look!

Start by choosing a fabric that not only matches your décor but also makes your heart sing. No sewing skills? No problem, just use some no-sew alternatives like iron-on hemming or fabric glue to get the job done. In an afternoon of DIY fun, you can replace those old, boring curtains with new ones that’ll quickly become the envy of the neighborhood.

5. Install a pegboard wall

A Sunday spent on getting rid of the clutter that’s been contributing to your mental breakdowns, is a Sunday well-spent. With a pegboard wall, your clutter is about to meet its match.

Pegboard for either office or garage

The great thing about a pegboard wall is that you can customize it however you want. Put up a bunch of floating shelves to display your books and treasured artifacts, or convert it into a gallery wall with pictures of your family. You could also hang a bunch of small potted plants to create a green wall, or keep it purely functional with hooks to hang tools, kitchenware or art supplies. The pegboard wall won’t just take your organizational skills to the next level, it will also effortlessly add to the aesthetic of your space.

6. Add an extra room within the living room

Don’t you ever wish you could wave a wand and magically conjure up that extra room – a guest room, a WFH office, a yoga room or a gym room - that you’re falling short of in your home? Well, we can’t promise any sorcery, but DIY temporary walls are a close second. No, you don’t necessarily need any fancy tools or expertise and we promise, you’ll take less than a Sunday afternoon to make it on your own!

extra room with temporary partition walls with a door

For example, consider this modular L-Shaped Temporary Partition Wall with Door. It’s a completely DIY setup that requires just a drill and a screwdriver. All you have to do is to follow the instructions (the process is actually quite intuitive), and put together the different modules like lego blocks. Then, install the collapsible door and voila! You can have that extra room within your living room.

There’s more – when you no longer need the room, you can simply disassemble the parts and store it for later use. Yes, these temporary walls are especially useful for renters or those looking for some flexibility in their home’s interiors.

7. Paint the front door

Why stop at your home’s interiors when your front door is also waiting for its glam makeover? Think about that curb appeal, that reflection of your personality, and that feeling you’ll get every time you come home. Your front door definitely deserves a Sunday’s worth of attention, and a DIY repainting job is just the way to open up that door to some creative fun!

Fun exterior doors in red and blue

Start by selecting the perfect color – one that complements your home’s exterior while also making a bold style statement. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – this is a great place to explore those creative juices. When you’re done with the job, you’ll be amazed by how such a simple change can make such a significant impact on your home’s overall appearance!

8. Revamp your flooring

Who said redoing your floors needs an army of professionals and a thick wallet? What you actually need is just a little ingenuity and a free Sunday.

Floors in bathrooms

Try peel-and-stick floor tiles for a quick, hassle-free transformation. These come in a range of different patterns and styles, and they’re easy and absolutely easy to install. If you’re feeling a little artsy, you could also bring out your stencils and add a coat of paint with intricate designs or geometric patterns. Convert your flooring from something you just walk on to a massive canvas to display your creativity!

9. Assemble a Pony room divider

There are times when you just need a hint of division without erecting the Great Wall in your open-plan concept home. For example, you may want to divide your studio into living and sleeping areas to mark some distinction. Or you may want to create a play zone for your kid to restrict the clutter of toys.

Pony walls partition walls dividing a studio apartment

Here, a subtle partition like this Pony Room Divider can provide just the right amount of division, and just the Sunday DIY activity you’re craving for. Get your kids involved in this play of giant lego and watch how this absolutely fun task adds a massive functionality to your space. Then, customize your Pony Wall Divider with paints and peel-and-stick wallpaper to make it a striking part of your décor.

Update your Sundays, Upgrade Your Home with DIY Projects

These 9 projects are sure to convert your snoozy Sunday and weekend monotony into DIY escapades that can turn your humble abode into a buzzing canvas of creativity. No need to deal with the hassles of professional decorators, or break the bank in the process either! Just get together your tools and your household team, get off that lazy couch, and let your creative genius out. As your home wears a new look and your Sundays a new attitude, we promise you’ll appreciate not just the finished product, but also the fact that you did them yourself!

Looking for some Sunday DIY fun dividing your open-plan space into functional zones? We can help! We have a wide range of 100% DIY temporary partition walls and dividers that can provide just the easy and efficient space division you’re looking for.