9 Innovative Storage Ideas to Hide the Mess

9 Innovative Storage Ideas to Hide the Mess

Clutter sneaks up on us, accumulating insidiously and uncontrollably until one day, you just can't find what you're looking for, even if your life depended on it. Then the secret fears about being featured on an episode of ‘Hoarders’ start to haunt you while the clutter continues to grow, drowning your mental health, your relationships, and your sanity!

Well, your fears about clutter don’t necessarily have to run that deep and dramatic for you to start looking for efficient storage solutions. Thankfully, decluttering doesn't have to be a monumental task. What may seem like a problem only magic can solve can actually be addressed with just a few clever hacks—no Marie Kondo needed here! 

Here are 9 ingenious tips to transform your chaotic, clutter-ridden home into the organized sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Under-the-stairs storage

Never underestimate the potential of that often-forgotten, almost-always-unused, awkward space under the stairs, for it can be a game changer when it comes to storage solutions. Install custom-built drawers, shelves, or cabinets beneath the staircase to create a convenient and accessible storage area for a number of things, from shoes, linens, cleaning supplies, and seasonal decorations. You could even stash that pesky vacuum cleaner you want to keep hidden from sight.

Stairs with a cozy library reading corner below

For enhanced style and functionality, consider incorporating sliding or pull-out drawers to maximize your space usage. Another option is to use open shelving to add a decorative touch, showcasing your books or treasured ornaments. Whichever storage option you choose, once you have your under-the-stair space transformed, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

2. DIY walk-in closet

Why let that walk-in closet remain just a luxury dream when you can simply create one for yourself? With the help of DIY temporary walls and room dividers, you can convert that spare corner of your bedroom  from a messy pile of clothes into a bespoke walk-in closet that lets you organize all your clothes, shoes, and accessories, or at least lets you hide all that clutter away from your bedroom! 

Messy clothes hangers and a walk-in closet

DIY temporary walls come in different shapes and sizes to fit various space needs. You can opt for something as simple as this L-Shaped Room Divider, or create a full-blown room with this Mounted U-Shaped Partition. With modular DIY dividers, you can build your walk-in closet just the way you want. It takes all of an hour and a screwdriver to set them up! 

Once you have the space set up, install a mix of hanging rails, shelves, and drawers to arrange your things better.

L-shaped and U-shaped Modular Partition Walls with or without doors

3. Over-the-door organizers

When space is at a premium, every square inch counts, especially if you’re looking for optimized storage solutions. Over-the-door organizers are a fantastic way to utilize the untapped potential of the often-overlooked space behind doors, providing storage for shoes, coats and accessories. Plus, they’re easy to install and remove, making them perfect for renters, or those who enjoy changing things up every once in a while.

Front Door with unused space, with an over-the-door organizer

4. Furniture with storage

If you want to maximize storage space without having to compromise on your décor style, then double-duty furniture is a definite godsend! For example, a bed with under-bed storage drawers or a hydraulic lift-up storage compartment comes handy for your off-season clothing, spare blankets and linens. Similarly, an ottoman with storage can be used for keeping your books, board games, or even some of your snacks.

Beds with storage underneath in two different styles

5. A dedicated hobby corner

Getting your hands dirty with some hobby activities is excellent for the heart and soul, but cleaning up afterward can be a real hassle. Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated hobby room, after all! Most have to make do with a corner in the living room.

Hobby corner created with a modern roomdivider

One easy way to hide all your art and craft clutter is to create a hobby corner with a DIY room divider like this Abstract Modern Room Divider. This super-flexible, modular room divider can be assembled or removed without any tools and within minutes. Plus, it’s got a minimalistic, modern look that’ll add style to your décor and give it a bold definition. So, every time you create a masterpiece, there is no need to worry about clearing up all the mess – just let your divider hide it in a jiffy.

6. Pegboards on walls

The thing about clutter is that you can’t always hide it in drawers and cabinets and storage units. Some items just need to be easily accessible, yet you don’t want them scattered around, taking up physical as well as mental space. This is where pegboards come handy.

Pegboards used to organize tools and home office items

Pegboards are a versatile yet stylish way to organize all kinds of things, from kitchen utensils and knives to garage tools and craft supplies in your art space, by mounting them on the walls. They’re highly customizable with hooks, shelves, and other accessories to accommodate your items. And apart from providing a practical storage solution, pegboards can also look visually appealing, adding style and personality to your décor!

7. Under-the-sink storage

The space under the wash basins and sinks usually has no purpose, and is left unused even though it can be prime real estate for additional storage. Installing cabinets or shelves underneath them can be a great way to store cleaning supplies, toiletries and other household items. For a seamless, built-in look, go for a custom-built cabinet, or opt for freestanding ones if you want more flexibility.

Minimalistic bathroom sink with terracotta colored wall

8. A basement storage room

Basements have a wicked reputation for being dark and dingy spaces, but what really makes them worse is the clutter and disorganization – after all everything that’s not needed upstairs, ends up in the basement! But, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Shelf with many books for a basement storage room

If you’re looking to transform your basement into an inhabitable zone, the first step could be to create a well-demarcated store room with temporary walls like this DIY L-shaped Partition Wall with Door. Within the storage room, add shelves, racks and storage bins to categorize and store your things. By consolidating all your basement clutter into a single, organized space, you’ll be able to make the most of your basement – perhaps as a home office or a home gym. The collapsible door adds a nice touch by completely shutting off the clutter – keep it out of sight, and out of mind!

L-shaped Modular Partition Wall with A Door creating a home office

9. A designated play-zone for the toys

Children’s toys have a way of spreading throughout the house, quickly contributing to the clutter that’s driving you up the wall. A dedicated play area can be a great way to keep the chaos in control, and DIY dividers can be exceptionally useful in building that boundary.

Child sitting on white blanket with toys and books

Consider this Pony Wall Room Divider – a modular, freestanding half-wall that you can build in any size you like, within minutes. This divider can be the fortress you need to keep your child and their soldiers in check, without compromising on the décor or quality of your space. No need for a dedicated playroom either; simply build the divider in your living room and restrict the toy-zone (and its mess) to a designated corner.

Pony walls used to divide a studio apartment layout with home office area, sleeping area, and living room space

Don’t let clutter become your natural habitat

Clutter stems from the things that you own, so why let them own you? These ingenious storage solutions are a great starting point for gaining control over your clutter, banishing all the chaos, maximizing your space, and creating a harmonious living environment that serves your needs. A well-organized home will put all your clutter nightmares and fears to rest, providing you the peace of mind that’s eluded you for so long!

Want to build a DIY room to organize and hide all your clutter, but not sure how to go about it? Write to us! Our DIY modular temporary walls and room dividers are just the instant solution you need, and we’ll help you find the perfect one for your home.