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Everpanel Window Insert
Elena O. (Huntsville, AL)


L-Shaped Partition Room Divider
Krister B. (Toronto, ON)

L-Shaped Partition Room Divider

Partition Room Divider
mark w. (Lakewood, CO)
partition wall

Solid, looks good, easy to put together. A little pricey, but is exactly what I wanted for the space that I had. Made an extra bedroom in my house.

Thanks so much for your review Mark! Happy to hear that you got exactly what you wanted :-)

Perfect for hiding basement laundry area

We just finished our basement, and needed some easy way to hide the laundry area without having to add on another set of real walls. A++ customers service and arrived earlier than expected. Assembly instructions could use a bit of work, but once you get the first pieces together it was pretty easy, and I could probably do it in half the time next time around.

Thanks so much for your review Wayne!

We really appreciate your feedback and we are currently working on improving our assembly guides, and should have something ready in the next few months or so!

Pony Wall Room Divider
MARGERY M. (Half Moon Bay, CA)
Works well

Easy to put together, works well to carve out a little office space in my open living room. I wish they had a 2x4 foot panel size. Also the panel surface plastic has yellowed while the structure plastic is bright white. Which is OK because I'm going to cover it with wall paper or cork.

Thanks so much for your review Margery!

I'm so sorry to hear that you have received a discolored panel. We would be happy to send out a replacement panel, as they really should be the same white color as the frame! Just reach out to us at and our team will help you out.

L-Shaped wall

The final outcome looks good. Once we had built the first one, any future builds will be a lot easier

Thanks so much for your review John & Shelley!

We also have a new and improved assembly video in the works, so that should also make any future builds even easier! :-)

Pony Wall Room Divider
Olga (Queens, NY)
Looks good and does the job

Overall, I'm happy with this divider which we got to create separation between baby crib and rest of bedroom. It's simple, not obtrusive, and easy to put together. I wish it looked a bit less "plasticky" for the high price, but would recommend.

1’x1’ Modular Wall Panel Sample
Daniel K. (Baltimore, MD)
Review of 1' x 1' Modular Wall Panel Sample

The sample arrived timely. The sample showed us exactly how the finished product would look (in terms of weight, color, texture, finish, etc.) if we were to move forward. Purchasing the sample in advance helped us in making our decision.

Daniel, thanks so much for the review! We only recently started sending out sample panels, so it's so nice to hear that it helped you in your purchase decision!

Mounted L-Shaped Partition Wall With Door
Georgia K. (Eau Claire, WI)
Great product.

I have been looking for a storage solution for a long time and this fit everything I needed I couldn’t recommend this company enough.

Thanks so much for your kind review Georgia! We're so happy to hear that you finally found what you were looking for! :-)

Space Changing

Our one room business needed separation and Diyversify worked with me to create the perfect option. We now have three work areas and opportunities to offer more.

Great service, support and product!

Dawn it was such a pleasure getting to work with you on this fun project! A project that really showcased the modularity and flexibility of the wall panels!

Your space looks awesome, and it's great to see how you managed to add in the colors from your brand to really complete the look of your space!



Pony Wall Room Divider
Debbie (.T.C.
5 Stars!

Your product has transformed my space in the best way.
Contemplating getting a thin countertop material on top to turn it into a plant shelf.
Thank you.

Debbie thanks so much for the kind review! We are so happy to see how your space turned out!

It's definitely possible to add a little countertop on the wall, so you can use it as a shelf. I would recommend using a couple of small mounting brackets underneath the countertop you decide to go with, just to make sure it stays in place.

Easy to install, great value

the walls are good quality with the imperfection on the door. The material of the door "frame" is not great and cracks with nails. It would be better if they can be replaced with the same material as the wall. Another suggestion would be wall mounting channel - if they can be made of U shape instead of L shape, that will close the gap between the modular wall and existing wall... Overall, good value and GREAT customer service.

Everpanel Swing Door
Vivian M. (Fremont, CA)
swing door

It is great product. It makes the partition more like a real room with a door can be locked. However, I personally think it is too heavy. The product was shipped in the whole piece combining door frame, wall panel and door. Not only it is heavy, it also requires moving the whole piece very carefully, otherwise, it is very easy to break the corners. That'll be great if it can be packaged separately, e.g. doorframe with protection around the corners in one package and the door in different package. We hope there is a product to add more support around the door frame since it is very heavy. For example, the product to mount from the door frame to the ceiling, so it won't rely too much on the wall panels.

Partition Room Divider
Andrew &.M. (New York, NY)
DIY in the City

Overall, this was a really unique and effective way to build a temporary partition in our NYC studio apartment. We did have some minor damage to a few of the pieces during shipping (e.g., dirtied and chipped edges) but overall is still worked to help carve out a sleeping space.

We would definitely recommend this product to a friend and purchase again in another living situation if we needed a quick temporary wall.

Hi Andrew & Michelle,

Thanks so much for your detailed review! We are so happy to hear that you are pleased with the final result and that it was a great match for your studio apartment!

We do apologize for the minor hiccup with the damaged shipments!
We are continuously working with shipping companies to ensure better handling as well as improving how orders are packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Great customer service

Customer service is super friendly and very helpful. We love the product as it is very useful. The shipping and installation was not that smooth. Thanks for the great customer service, we received the replacement parts and we were able to complete the project on time.

Hi Vivian,

Thank you so much for your review! We are happy to hear that both the products and our customer service lived up to your expectations!

We're so sorry for the shipping challenges. We are actively working with the shipping company to handle orders better, and as shipping companies are recovering from the covid challenges we do expect it to be a smoother process in the future!

Again thanks so much for your review! We truly appreciate it!

Perfect and pretty easy to assemble

The walls came exactly as described as well as the rest of the hardware. The instructions were good and easy to assemble but the only thing is that the top part of the door does not stick to the magnet very well at all.

Hi Angela,

Thank you for this great! We are happy to hear that you like the product and that the installation was been easy for you.

We would love to get a chance to solve the issues you are having with the door, so please reach out to our customer service on or 888-594-6067, and we will help you get that fixed.

Thank you!

Almost Perfect

The mounted L-shaped room kit we ordered was a custom order as it was a little larger than the standard sizes available. We had a large bonus room upstairs and we used this kit to divide this room into two separate spaces. The designer I worked with and the company‘s customer service department was outstanding. They were prompt to answer any of my questions and very patient with me as I kept making small changes to the custom order. All the pieces showed up to my house seemingly undamaged and on a large wooden pallet. My wife and I had to clean off each piece front to back as they were all really dirty. There were also glue or resin marks on a lot of the pieces on the front and back. These marks were less noticeable after we cleaned the pieces. Two of the pieces were unable to join together for some reason. We just matched them up with other pieces and they snapped together fine. Since building this room, we have received a lot of compliments from everyone that has seen it. I wish the price was lower; however, I feel the quality of the product matched its price. Definitely better, and a lot less hassle, than building walls in your house with 2x4’s and drywall.

Wall is great !

Wall is great as a room divider for us to make our L-shaped living room into a nursery for our new baby. Responsive and helpful customer service. Definitely Recommend !

Thanks so much for your review! We are so happy to hear that you are happy with how your nursery turned out!


Easy to install. Easy to custom. I love it !!!!!!

Thank you Florent!! Your studio looks absolutely amazing with our walls and all the customization you've done!

L-Shaped Partition Room Divider
Mary L. (Portland, OR)
Great product

I really like this quick and easy way to partition the room.

Thanks for your review Mary! We are so happy to hear that you also found it quick and easy to set up!

Difficult assembly

The L-shaped free standing room works well but it was much more difficult to put together than the video leads you to believe. We had sections that wouldn’t fit one way and had to rotate them to fit together. Seemed to be imprecise production. The freestanding walls don’t really feel stable so we ended up mounting them with L brackets.

Mounted L-Shaped Partition Wall With Door
Samantha P. (Murrieta, CA)
Just what I needed

I had to quickly find a way to build an office fory private practice in my home. I was looking at partition/privacy walls and stubled across these. They are exactly what I needed. It was easier than building a wall from wood and drywall but definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be. The accordion door is definitely not the easiest to open and close but it works for my purpose. Overall my husband and I were able to build it in about 5 hours. I love my office so much.

Thanks so much for your kind review Samantha! We are so happy to hear this was exactly what you needed, and we appreciate the feedback on the assembly! We currently have an assembly instruction video in the works that should make it much easier in the future!

If you feel there is anything wrong with the door, please reach out to us directly on and we will be happy to send you a replacement.

Mounted Straight Partition Wall With Door
Jessica L. (Beaverton, OR)
Best Customer Service!

I have ordered a lot of things online and Diyversify has by far the best customer service! Jeff was prompt (will respond by the following day at the latest), thorough, helpful, and accommodating. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jessica, thank you so much for your kind review! It was an absolute pleasure helping you, and we are so happy to hear that you were pleased with our customer service.

Mounted L-Shaped Partition Wall With Door
Melvin C. (San Antonio, TX)
Great Experience

These temporary walls are so great. So easy to assemble (even for a 69 year old). And functional. Even though I hooked mine to the wall due to the large size, I can take 4 screws out and relocate anywhere in several different styles. I love it. And a special shoutout to Chris who tracked the entire shipment and was so quick and fair in finding a solution to some damage to the wall components by the shipping company.

Melvin your installation looks amazing! If someone ever needs a hand with assembly in your local area maybe we can give them your number? ;-)

It was a pleasure helping you with this and we are so thankful for your kind review!

Functional and looks nice

Looks much better than I thought it would. Only issue was we didn't get all the parts (caps) but after emailing I had them in two days!

I have a massage/yoga studio and was concerned about the gap along the top but with some fake vines, sheer curtains, and fairy lights it looks amazing. It also feels separate, private, secure, and professional.

Service was excellent and product looks good!

Thank you for the kind review Angela - your studio looks absolutely amazing! It was a pleasure working with you, and we are so happy to see how great everything turned out!