11 Creative Ways to Customize Your Temporary Walls

11 Creative Ways to Customize Your Temporary Walls

Temporary walls are immensely useful in customizing spaces where building permanent walls isn’t the most sensible idea (if you need temporary solutions), or where it isn’t possible altogether (think of building laws, rental agreements, etc.). But are temporary walls only about effective space division?

Most definitely not. Temporary walls aren’t just mere partition walls and dividers. They actually come with a whole lot of other customization options that can make your space not just more practical but also more aesthetic. So if you’ve always imagined them as dull, bland walls that feel ‘too temporary’, it’s time to upgrade those thoughts and temporary walls right away!

Here are 11 creative ways to customize your temporary wall and convert it into a décor element that adds character and style to your space.

1. Wallpaper it

Most temporary walls come in the standard white or beige colors that can sometimes look too dull and boring to have any aesthetic advantage. One of the easiest ways to add some visual interest to them is to simply wallpaper them in colors and patterns that fit your overall decor theme and complement the vibe of the space.

Peel and Stick Wallpapers behind Couches

For an even easier and quicker solution, go for peel-and-stick wallpapers. It certainly helps that the online world is filled with thousands of gorgeous patterns and design options to choose from. You will find one to fit just any theme you can imagine for your space! Plus, peel-and-stick wallpapers come with the element of reusability, just like the temporary walls that they adorn.

2. Make it a gallery wall

Bring out your personality and style through your temporary wall by converting it into a gallery wall to display your favorite art and photographs. This is definitely an easy way to make your space more meaningful and bring it close to your heart.

Temporary Partition Wall Customized as Gallery wall

While putting up frames on temporary walls, it’s generally a good idea to consider no-nail, no-fail options instead of drilling holes and damaging them. Command strips and hooks are for the win! You could also use wire loops around the opening connector holes at the top of the temporary wall to hang your artwork. This way, you can make sure your wall suffers absolutely no damage from peeling or glue marks..

3. Insert doors and windows

Like with regular walls, you can also add a controlled connection between the spaces separated by temporary walls. Insert windows and doors into them to provide visual and physical access to manage your divided spaces as per specific needs.

Temporary Partition Walls with doors and windows

Here’s an excellent example of how one of our clients customized their creative writing center with our Modular Wall Kits. The window inserts allow the two rooms to connect visually, so they don’t feel completely closed off from each other. The collapsible door sits nicely within the temporary wall, providing control over physical access while also creating a clear demarcation between the independent zones. The great thing about these collapsible doors is that they don’t need additional swing space like regular doors do, so they’re extra effective in tight areas.

4. Hang shelves

A few shelves protruding from your temporary wall can serve not only as storage for quick-access items but also as a display feature to compliment the décor. Put up books, artifacts, plants, or other decorative items to personalize your space and give it character. Hang your shelves using loops around the connector holes, or go for reclosable fasteners and Velcro strips to support them on the temporary wall.

Floating Shelves hanging on a temporary partition wall

5. Get stickers, decals, or even a mural

One fun and simple way to make temporary walls reflect your personality is to use decals, stencils, or stickers to put up graphics or words on them. Choose designs that speak to your style and that are meaningful to you.

If you want to take the idea a step further, consider applying a large-scale mural of your favorite artwork or photograph to create an accent wall and really make it your own!

Stickers and decals on temporary modular walls

6. Install lighting fixtures

Nobody can deny the role lighting plays in setting up the ambiance of any space. Use your temporary walls well in this department by installing lighting fixtures like sconces and pendant lights on them to create a cozy and warm vibe. You can also use these fixtures to highlight the artwork or any other decorative elements that you’ve put up on your temporary wall.

7. Add baseboards and other trims

If you’re someone who isn’t very fond of sharp corners and edges, get rid of them in your temporary walls by adding baseboards and other trims. Trim boards not only soften the edges, adding more dimension and style to your space, but they also protect the wall from damage. Some might also find that baseboards make their temporary walls look sturdier and more like real walls!

Baseboards and Trim added to temporary partition walls

8. Convert it into a giant whiteboard

Whiteboards are one of the truest forms of unfiltered expression. If you’re all about personalizing your workspace with free thought and self-expression, there’s nothing like a massive whiteboard made out of your temporary wall!

Paint the surface of your temporary wall with several coats of dry-erase paint and let it cure for a few days. If you’re in a hurry or your motto in life is to keep things simple, not complicate them, then simply get dry-erase peel-and-stick wallpaper - yes you get those too! Then, decorate your temporary wall with your thoughts, ideas, or even erasable artwork that speaks to your changing moods.

Looking to create a personalized home office instantly and without any hassles? This L-shaped Partition Wall with Door can help you convert any living room or studio corner into your workspace within an hour. Plus, its smooth, even surface comes prepared to be converted into your dream full-sized whiteboard with just a couple of coats of dry-erase paint.

9. Add highlights with Washi tape

Washi tape comes in a rainbow of patterns and colors that you can apply to any drab temporary wall to lighten it up instantly. It also helps that you can stick and remove it without any damage to your wall. Yes, this means you can easily add that pop of color and dynamic vibe to your space, and change it every season (or even more frequently- why not!) Extend the highlights from your temporary wall onto the permanent walls to make them complete, and you have absolutely no reason to worry about violating those rental laws.

Washi tape on modular partition walls

10. Add texture with Anaglypta wallpaper

If your temporary wall came with discolorations and defects that bother you endlessly, consider masking it with Anaglypta or textured wallpaper. What’s great about these wallpapers is that they come with relief 3D textures that not only hide imperfections effectively but also make your temporary wall look rich and elegant. Plus, because they’re durable, they’re ideal for use in high-traffic areas where your temporary walls are prone to get dirty and damaged.

Anaglypta Wallpaper on Temporary Partition Walls

But if textured wallpapers remind you of the old, heritage patterns that take you back to the 1900s, you couldn’t be more mistaken! These wallpapers are now very much in trend with contemporary, sleek features that’ll undoubtedly complement your modern décor.

11. Add a pop of green

As a green-loving plant parent, it only makes sense that you leave your green thumbprint all over your temporary wall as well! Install wall-mounted planters to display your favorite indoor greens and bring nature into your space.

Images and plants on shelves on a temporary partition wall

There’s one limitation here though - not all temporary walls can bear much weight hung on them. In such cases, consider using the regular floor-mounted planters and use your temporary wall as a backdrop for climbers and creepers, converting it into a green wall instead.

If you like the pop of green but can’t trust yourself with the care, you could also consider high-quality artificial plants. These would also typically be lighter in weight so you should be able to install them on your temporary wall without any concerns.

Temporary Walls For The Ultimate Customization

If you’re looking for flexibility in dividing and managing your spaces, turn to temporary walls. But don’t stop there! These walls also present countless opportunities to add more usability and aesthetic value to your space. So don’t forget to use them as blank pages for expressing your creativity, identity, and personal style, making your spaces truly yours.

Looking for customizable temporary walls to manage your spaces better? Contact us! With our modular temporary walls, you’ll get that ultimate personalization and flexibility you’re looking for.