Why We Value Private Spaces Even in Our Homes

Why We Value Private Spaces Even in Our Homes

Ever felt like you're on a never-ending episode of "Big Brother" even in your own living room? Every time you sought a quiet moment, someone was right there peeking over your shoulder? Let's be honest, there’s a reason forts were so popular as kids – everyone loves a little hideaway.

From the classic Japanese shoji screens to the ever-so-chic Scandinavian room dividers, we humans have always been big fans of, "This is MY space, thank you very much." Historically, we’ve sought solitude for various reasons, be it spiritual retreats, intellectual pursuits, or merely personal downtime. Room separators aren't just about functional and aesthetic means of dividing the room; they're about giving everyone their own personal “Do Not Disturb” sign – a personal bubble. Who doesn't love bubbles?

Fort in the living room

Now, let's talk about our times. With cities growing bigger and apartments shrinking smaller, the line between office and home, and ‘my space’ versus ‘our space’, is just a blur. And this is why our DIY wall kits with accordion doors are the real MVPs. Instant privacy? Yes, please! Because sometimes, all you need is a little "me time," without having to build an actual fortress.

Here are a few reasons we really value privacy in our homes, and are dedicated to providing an easy solution for it:

Psychological need for privacy

Grown-up life isn’t just about paying bills and choosing salad over fries, it also means wanting a bit of autonomy to control your surroundings, and by extension, your life. That’s where personal space comes in. Your private corner is like your mini-kingdom where you rule. You get to decide when to interact and when to withdraw, which is a subtle yet powerful affirmation of your agency.

Lady reading in the living room peacefully

And in today's world, where everyone's watching (thanks, social media), having a space where you can sing off-key, watch cheesy movies, dance in your PJs like nobody's watching, or just be you, is golden. It's not hiding; it's about enjoying an episode of your favorite show without the world’s commentary.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive correlation between personal space and mental health. Solitude allows for introspection, self-reflection, and even the simple act of unwinding. Just as sleep rejuvenates the body, periods of solitude revitalize the mind.

Maintaining a balance between community and solitude

Whether it's family, roomies, or our lovely, overenthusiastic pets, most of us share our space with others. It’s awesome, but let’s be real: 24/7 togetherness can feel like a sitcom that’s run a season too long. Living with others is like a non-stop house party. Fun, but tiring.

Kid playing with an empty box

An hour of solitude, be it with a book, some music, a nap, or just some random thoughts, can make a world of a difference. And you know what they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." The same logic applies to daily life. A few boundaries can strengthen relationships. A little break from each other can make coming together so much sweeter. A rhythm of interaction and solitude fosters mutual respect and understanding.

Lady sipping coffee

Personal spaces are also like a canvas to express your unique personality and style. Want to plaster it with 90s pop posters or turn it into a yoga zone? Or perhaps a study adorned with books, or a room filled with memorabilia? You do you.

Modern open plan designs mean fewer private spaces

Modern homes are all about that open, breezy feel. They blend the living, dining, and sometimes even the kitchen into one seamless space: great for game nights, and totally Instagrammable, but not so great when you want to escape the TV’s blaring or the blender’s whirring.

Modern open floor plan

While we're loving the whole open-concept vibe, our souls sometimes crave those cozy, "hide from the world and sip cocoa" corners. You know, spaces where your thoughts don’t echo and where your vision isn’t always crowded with the household. This is where temporary partition walls and room dividers come really handy. They can easily give you that “room within a room” feel. Openness and coziness all in one.

For increased productivity in the work-from-home setup:

So, with everything that's been happening with all the pandemic and technological advancements, working from home has become the new black. And while juggling video calls in PJs was fun for a week, it got old pretty quick.

Picture this: Typing away while lounging in bed sounds dreamy, right? Until you end up with a laptop-shaped imprint on your belly and your productivity has taken a nosedive. Even more so if you live in a busy household with boisterous children and a partner that loves to be on the phone. The solution? Dedicated workspaces - a private work-from-home office that screams “Work Mode: ON!” Keep the bed for dreaming and get a partitioned workspace to do the dream-making!

Lady trying to work with kids playing in the background

Work privacy at home isn’t just about boosting productivity though. Without clear boundaries between work and personal life, there’s also the risk of overworking and burnout. If you’re working and chilling in the same space for a while, surely you’ll be neither working, nor chilling there after that point; you’ll be found constantly in the weird intersection between the two.

Setting up that private home office doesn’t have to be complicated either. It’s not the scary renovation job with headaches and a deep hole in the pocket you have in mind. All you need is DIY partition walls with doors! Consider this Mounted Straight Partition Wall or this L-shaped Partition Wall. They’re like the real-wall room separator you need but which you can assemble on your own in a few hours. No, no expertise, no complicated tools needed. And that’s not even the best part. These room dividers come with an accordion door to give you the private work bubble you need to shut out all the world’s distractions in a slide (or “sleight!”) of the hand, quite literally!

Balancing hospitality and personal space for guests:

Having guests over is one of life’s pleasures. The laughter, the memories - it's all gold. But let’s be real: we all value our privacy, hosts and guests alike. Ensuring their comfort without compromising the household's regular rhythm can become a balancing act. 

Taking a nap on the couch

The thing though is, not all homes come with a ready-to-use guest suite, and not all guests have the same needs. Imagine offering your guests a mini-retreat in your living space, a place they can unwind, away from the communal hustle-bustle. Temporary walls with a door can be of great help here. They can ensure your guests have their snug corner, which can be especially handy during extended stays (think about that potential build-up of tensions). After all, hospitality is in the details.

Fostering independence in children

Remember those teenage years? The drama, the discovery, the absolute NEED for your own space? As our kiddos grow and evolve, their space needs to do the same. Gifting them their own corner not only tips a hat to their growing independence but also teaches them a lesson about boundaries and responsibility.

Teepee tent for kids

In their personal haven, they can unleash their creativity, whether that's rocking out to a new album, penning a heartfelt diary entry, or just contemplating teen life. And the beauty of it all? Their space needs will shift. Yesterday's playroom might be today's study nook. Temporary walls can enhance homes for kids, allowing spaces to evolve with the child's changing requirements.

Caring for the sick:

You know when you've got that pesky cold and all you're craving is your own little sanctuary to snuggle into and heal? That's what we're talking about here. When someone in the family gets a case of the sniffles (or something a tad more serious), they're not just in search of comfort, but often also a spot to prevent sharing those germs with everyone else.

Lady taking care of ill child

Beyond the simple physical comforts, illness can make you feel, well, a bit exposed and vulnerable. Who wants an audience while dealing with a nasty cough or fever? A secluded space can give the sick some semblance of independence and normalcy, a space to cope without feeling like they're center stage. And hey, for those playing nurse, it's nice to have a designated spot where you know the patient's chilling and resting, so you can momentarily step away and take a breather.

But life's unpredictable, right? We don’t always have a ready-to-go recovery room waiting. That's where our nifty temporary wall kits with accordion doors step in. Turn any corner or nook of your living room into a private recovery zone with this Freestanding L-Shaped Partition Wall with Door or this U-Shaped Partition Wall with Door, in all but an hour. You can’t be prepared for every challenge life throws at you, but a hassle-free DIY solution is definitely something you can have ready and waiting up your sleeve for such times of need.

Modular kits used in the living room


What makes our temporary wall kits with accordion doors an excellent solution to privacy needs

Instant installation

Traditional constructions or partitions may take days or even weeks where you’re left at the mercy of contractors. Privacy needs often don’t wait that long, you need them to be fulfilled right then and there. Installing our temporary walls takes as little as a few hours, and this is including the accordion door that’ll give you instant control over your private corner.

Assembling modular wall kits

Adaptable and reusable

In an age where sustainability and adaptability are more than just buzzwords, our temporary wall kits with accordion doors truly shine. Unlike traditional partitions with doors that are fixed and rigid, these walls can be easily moved, reconfigured, or stored away when not in use. This adaptability means that as your privacy needs change – be it temporary guests, a shift in work dynamics, or children going up – your private corner can change with you. No need for costly renovations or complete overhauls. Plus, their reusable nature aligns with the growing global emphasis on reducing waste and promoting sustainable living.

Minimalistic design and tool requirements

Forget about those daunting toolboxes and the phone number of every handyman in town when a need for instant privacy suddenly arises. A simple drill, a screwdriver and your enthusiasm are all you need. Even if your DIY skills are just about "I've assembled an IKEA chair once," you're golden.


Urban living comes with a million space constraints and we get it, every inch is precious. Which is why we’ve designed our wall kits to take up minimal space. They’re only 3” thick and the super compact accordion door fits well within that thickness. Also, no need for that extra swing space that traditional doors wouldn’t open without.

Partition Room with door Accordion Door

Aesthetic appeal

Ever seen a temporary fix and thought, “Well that sticks out like a sore thumb?” No such worries here. Our wall kits blend seamlessly into any modern interiors, and look like well thought-out, permanent design. Now get your functional needs met without compromising on aesthetics.

Partition Room with door to create bedroom

Robust and durable

These aren't your run-of-the-mill, flimsy, "good for now" solutions. Our room separators kits are made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) walls and PVC accordion doors, both of which are in for the long haul. Your temporary setup is but forever in sturdiness.


Money to symbolize saving

Investing in our temporary wall solutions is a one-time expense that pays off in multiple scenarios. It’s not just the flexibility and adaptability, but because they’re long-lasting, your one-time investment will bring lots of return in the long run, without needing to spend on replacements and renovations in the future.

Get that instant DND in your home


In the digital age, the "Do Not Disturb" mode on our devices has become a cherished feature, allowing us moments of uninterrupted peace. Why not extend that same principle to our living spaces? With our temporary wall kits and accordion doors, you can instantly create your very own DND zones within your home. 

Whether it's a quiet corner for introspection, a dedicated workspace free from household distractions, or a private retreat for guests, these solutions offer the perfect blend of flexibility and style. No longer do you need to wish for a pause button in the midst of daily chaos. Simply slide that accordion door shut, and voila, you've carved out a sanctuary in the heart of your home. 

Wishing to incorporate that DND zone in your home where you can truly rejuvenate? We can help you! Reach out to us and we’ll help you find the perfect temporary wall kit for your specific privacy needs.