9 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Oasis

9 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Oasis

Imagine this (although it probably won’t really need much ‘imagining’): It's been a long day, the boss was a pain, traffic was horrendous, and all you want is to unwind. You walk into your home, shut the world behind you, and stroll towards your... bathroom. Yes, you heard it right, your bathroom! Because your bathroom isn’t just a bathroom – it’s your personal spa, your own slice of paradise, your luxury oasis.

Let’s face it, in our crazy-paced lives today, we need to grab every source of R&R we can afford to stay sane and keep our heads in place. And we do spend some crucial minutes of the day there. So, what better than to turn that plain old bathroom into your personal rejuvenation center? Don’t worry, we’re not breaking down walls or installing gold-plated faucets (unless you want to, of course). We’re talking about Sunday DIY projects- simple, yet powerful tweaks that would make even HGTV jealous of your transformation.

1. Create a spa-like atmosphere

Ever wondered why spas feel so relaxing? It’s because instead of focusing on just the sense of sight (as we’re so used to), they also engage all the other senses– sound, smell, touch, and even taste. You can replicate this in your own bathroom spa, without splurging a ton of money.

Spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom

Even small changes can have a big impact. A soft, luxury bath mat can soothe your feet as you step out of the bath. A plush bathrobe can feel like that much-needed, comforting hug after a long day. Some scented candles or essential oil diffusers can create an olfactory experience, while a waterproof speaker will add those soft, calming tunes to create that ultimate relaxing vibe.

2. Use a soothing color palette

Color is like a silent language—it speaks to our senses, influences our mood, and creates an ambience. When it comes to creating a tranquil bathroom, it's best to stick to soothing tones. Whites and creams are classic and lend an air of cleanliness and freshness. Soft blues and greens, on the other hand, echo the serenity of nature and water—also perfect for a bathroom!

Soothing colors and decor in two bathrooms

But what if you want to shake things up and add a bit of pizazz? Consider a feature wall or accent tiles. It could be a beautiful mosaic, an interesting texture, or even a pop of unexpected color. And guess what? This doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-and-energy-sucking project either. Even peel-and-stick wallpapers like this Mediterranean tile or this Watercolor Floral Bouquet Peel and Stick Wallpaper can do the job! Pick a theme that speaks to your heart, and you’re sure to find a wallpaper to match it.

Soothing peel and stick wallpaper examples

3. Bring nature indoors

Nothing screams ‘oasis’ more than greenery. You might be thinking, “Plants in a bathroom? Surely you jest!”, but we’re dead serious. As serious as a fiddle-leaf fig tree (which is actually an excellent bathroom-friendly plant).

Two examples of bathrooms with lots of plants

There's an array of green pals that love humidity and don't need much sunlight. Think ferns, spider plants, orchids, or even aloe vera. For those of you who tend to be a bit neglectful of plant care, try a sturdy snake plant or ZZ plant – they’re virtually indestructible! Bonus points if you pick plants with air-purifying qualities, for example, the peace lily, Boston fern, Pothos, English Ivy and Dracaena.

4. Update the bathroom fittings

This might sound like a small change but trust us, high-quality fixtures can transform your bathroom from mundane to luxurious without much effort.

The showerhead is a great place to start. Swap your standard shower head for a rainfall or waterfall style model. This alone can transform your daily shower from a routine into a tranquil retreat. To take this a step further, consider a multi-function showerhead that includes settings like a massage or pulsating mode. Get a steam shower installed for the ultimate soothing steam experience that can help relax muscles, clear the mind, and create a true sense of peace.

Picture of rainfall showerhead that is on

Beyond the showerhead, other fittings and fixtures can also contribute to your luxury oasis. Consider a deep soaking tub to sink into, the stress of the day melting away. Opt for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing faucets and taps that complement the overall decor of your bathroom. Also consider additions like heated towel rails for that added touch of luxury of a warm towel when you step out of the shower.

5. Add personality with artwork and accessories

Art is a surefire way to inject personality into a space, to tell your story, and to add a sense of luxury. It can transform your bathroom from a purely functional space to a place where you enjoy spending time. Make an exhibit of your favorite art, photos, or even motivational quotes that inspire you. There’s no rule that says only living rooms get to have all the fun.

Find artwork that soothes your senses. It could be a tranquil beach scene, a charming country landscape, or an abstract piece that you love looking at. The key here is to choose pieces that resonate with you and your envisioned oasis.

Examples of artwork and decor elements for bathrooms

But it's not just about art. The right accessories can also help take your bathroom from drab to fab. Think designer soap dispensers that look like mini sculptures, luxury bath mats that feel like stepping onto a cloud, and plush towels that make you feel like you're at a five-star hotel. It's all about the details!

A well-placed mirror can also do wonders for your bathroom. Not only does it make the space look bigger and brighter, but it also adds a touch of glam. Remember, mirrors reflect light, making even the smallest bathrooms feel spacious.

Mirror and other decor elements in bathrooms

You could opt for a large, wall-to-wall mirror for a modern look or multiple smaller mirrors for a more eclectic vibe. Want to take it up a notch? Consider a mirror with backlighting for that extra dash of drama. You'll not only have better lighting for your skincare routine but also create a calming ambiance. Plus, it makes for some pretty cool bathroom selfies (we all know you're doing it).

6. Add soft mood lighting

Lighting is a crucial element of decor. It's not just about being able to see clearly—it's about setting the mood, too. And in the bathroom, you need both.

Skip the harsh overhead lights, that make you squint, and replace them with softer, dimmable lighting options. Opt for wall sconces on either side of the mirror for a flattering glow that makes you feel like you're in a Hollywood dressing room.

Two bathrooms with examples of soft lighting

A cute little tip - install lights with dimmable switches. Bright and energetic for the mornings when you're getting ready, dimmed and calming for those long, relaxing baths. For added ambiance, don't shy away from a few strategically placed candles. Remember, we're going for a 'chill in the air, wrapped in a cozy blanket' kind of mood, not 'interrogation under a spotlight'.

7. Use dividers for style and space optimization

While an open and spacious bathroom sounds ideal, a touch of privacy can add an intimate, cozy feel to the space. Using room dividers or privacy screens can help achieve this without compromising on the open layout.

Think of your bathroom as divided into two zones: the wet zone (shower, tub, toilet) and the dry zone (vanity, chair, shelves). Room separators or partitions can be used to visually separate these zones, enhancing the functionality of your bathroom while also adding a touch of style.

Alternative modern room dividers used for bathrooms

Bored of the typical old glass cubicles and curtain dividers? Consider a sleek and modern modular divider like this Abstract Modern Room Divider or this Refined Industrial Room Divider. Light, yet bold, these can separate out zones without blocking out the light and openness of your bathroom. Plus, they’re absolutely DIY, which means you can assemble them or get them out of the way (perhaps even installed elsewhere in the house as a studio room divider) whenever you wish, in a matter of minutes! They’re perfect not just to make your bathroom more organized, but also to create that relaxing vibe you’re after.

8. Declutter and organize

We've all been there - scouring the bathroom for that one item in a sea of clutter. Whether it's the elusive hair tie or that tiny bottle of essential oil, a cluttered bathroom is the nemesis of tranquility.

Organized chaos might be an artistic style, but let's face it - in the bathroom, practicality and organization take precedence. An orderly bathroom, with a dedicated space for every item, paves the way for a seamless and relaxing experience. The key is to use innovative storage solutions that are as stylish as they are functional.

Examples of Clean organized minimalistic bathrooms

A vanity unit with drawers, for example, can house everything from toiletries to towels, keeping your countertops free and clear. It's a practical luxury that is definitely worth considering. For the smaller items that seem to multiply when you're not looking (looking at you, bobby pins), consider chic glass canisters or ceramic dishes. 

Not a fan of the minimalist look? Built-in shelving can be a godsend. Not only does it provide storage, but it also offers an opportunity to display decorative items or potted plants.

9. A relaxing spot to sit

We all know that comfort is king (or queen). This is especially true when we're aiming for an oasis of relaxation in the bathroom. One excellent tip in your grand bathroom transformation is to introduce a space where you can lounge at leisure – like a plush chaise lounge for those post-shower serums or an in-shower bench for that extra level of relaxation during your steamy shower. Paired with a side table to hold a book or a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea, it transforms your bathroom into a true personal oasis.

Two bathrooms with two different types of seating

You might be thinking, "An in-shower bench, really?" But once you've experienced the joy of sitting under the hot water, with steam all around you, it's hard to go back. Plus, it comes in handy when you're shaving your legs or indulging in a full-body scrub.

Create your personal sanctuary

Bathtub setup prepared for cozy personal care

Your bathroom can be more than just a mundane utilitarian space in the house. It can be a refuge, a place to unwind after a long day, a sanctuary within your own home. And transforming your bathroom into a luxurious oasis doesn’t have to be about a total overhaul. It's about thoughtful touches, calming hues, and elements that add warmth, comfort, and an air of tranquility. By following these steps, you are not just designing a bathroom; you're creating an experience, a retreat, a break from the outside world where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Remember, it's about personalizing the space to your taste and comfort. So don't hesitate to mix and match ideas, or even come up with your own unique touches. After all, this is your personal sanctuary.