7 Ways to Enhance Your Education Space with Moveable Partitions

7 Ways to Enhance Your Education Space with Moveable Partitions

Educators have learned over time that ‘flexibility’ is one of the core essentials for creating a positive learning experience. Whether it’s in the curriculum design or teaching methods, a rigid one-size-fits-all has never quite produced the results that you get from allowing students room to maneuver according to their own needs and capabilities.

It’s the same with education spaces too. Allowing teachers and students to orchestrate their learning environment depending on what they think is appropriate at the time adds another layer of flexibility that makes the learning experience richer and more wholesome. One of the easiest and most economical ways to do this is with movable partition walls.

Room Divider on Wheels in School

Movable partitions are portable room dividers that can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly to make different arrangements in the layout of a space. Many come with added functionalities like caster wheels, sound absorbing panels, and DIY setups that make them even more useful and a must-have in schools, colleges, and other education spaces!

Here are some excellent ways to use movable partitions to enhance your education space to create  a more effective and productive learning experience.

1. Optimize large spaces for multiple uses

Space can often be at a premium in schools considering the dozens of activities you’ve tried to incorporate into the curriculum. Movable partitions can be a convenient and inexpensive way to make the most of spaces. 

Kindergarten Learning Room With Games

For example, the assembly hall or canteen can be quickly converted into classrooms or a space for a science fest, book fair, art exhibition or written exams. Large spaces can be easily divided to suit different activities without requiring much effort, funds, or time.

Our Polycarbonate Portable Partition is perfect when you want to divide a large space within minutes. The polycarbonate panels have a glass-reed effect that not only looks gorgeous but also allows light to pass through and fill your space. The lockable caster wheel bases give you free 360-degree movement with easy mobility yet much-needed stability. Plus, both frame and panel are easy-to-clean using just a cloth and water!

Polycarbonate 360 Portable Divider

2. Create individual study spaces and smaller group activities

Pre-schools and kindergartens often operate from single, large spaces, and movable partitions can help enable them to be used for various activities.

You can quickly open up the partitions to create a separate lunch area or even dedicated areas for children to study and focus on tasks. When it’s playtime, simply fold up the panels and stack them in a corner to open up the space.

Room Divider for Kids Library

Teachers can use partitions to work with smaller groups within a larger classroom or even in libraries to create quiet reading zones. The same can be done for parent-teacher meetings too where smaller, more intimate spaces are more appropriate. With their easy setup, movable partitions offer endless possibilities and configurations to suit different activities.

3. Get better acoustic control

We all know how noisy classrooms can get. Even the most disciplined bunch of kids carry a consistent buzz around them, which is undoubtedly distracting. Thankfully, many movable partitions come with the added feature of sound absorption – a savior, especially in nurseries and schools!

For example, our VersiPanel Acoustical Partition comes with a noise reduction coefficient of 0.65, which means you can effectively cut out a good percentage of the classroom din. You can set it up within seconds, shape it however you like, and roll and stow it away when done. And the fabric is totally washable.

Rollable Sounds Absorbing Room Divider

Acoustic partitions like these are a boon when you want to create quiet, concentration zones within larger collaborative spaces to block out outside noise, or around a noisy group activity to constrain it.

4. Reinvigorate bland learning spaces

This is a common problem that isn’t addressed as much as it should be – classrooms can often become drab and boring, and desperately in need of a fresh look! Movable walls and partitions are an easy and inexpensive way to add a splash of fresh color or new prints to brighten up learning spaces and give them a makeover.

You can also use movable walls to reorganize classrooms with quick layout changes every once in a while. They can serve as catalysts, keeping students as well as teachers engaged and interested in the learning experience.

5. Use movable partitions as portable display boards

Many movable partitions like this SoundSorb 360 Partition come with tackable panels that are perfect for putting up art, notes, and signage, making them excellent for instant exhibits and displays. The panels in this partition are made with pushpin-accepting fabric which can work as a bulletin board even when the partition is folded up and not in use.

Tackable 360 Room Divider with School Kids Drawings on it

As the name suggests, SoundSorb also provides noise dampening with a noise reduction coefficient of 0.6 – so you get two amazing functionalities in one!

6. Separate storage areas

Some learning spaces like art rooms and physical exercise rooms can have a ton of equipment and little things that need proper storage and organization, lest they look messy and unkempt, making students and teachers distracted.

Movable partitions are an easy fix to separate clutter from the learning space. Many even come with storage shelves which make them function like movable cupboards or storage units. They can help quickly tidy up and organize the space, leaving room (literally) for its more productive usage.

7. Set up temporary, portable classrooms

There are many situations in which you may need to create quick and affordable portable classrooms within the school building, to accommodate for extra capacity. With the recent COVID-19 social distancing protocol, schools needed extra classrooms in order to function.

Classroom with a movable 360 Partition Room Divider

Movable partitions can be a life savior in such situations. You can set up classrooms within the assembly hall or gymnasium in a matter of minutes. With a decent sound-dampening effect offered by acoustic panels, many classrooms can work within the same larger space without hampering student focus. 

The Bottomline

With the number of different functionalities they offer – from customization to noise-dampening, and aesthetic value to space optimization – it’s clear that movable partition walls have a definite place in learning environments. Use them to make endless configurations and space setups to offer the best to students and teachers alike!

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