Small Business, Big Dreams? Make them Come True with Partition Walls

Wellness & Spa business with treatment room

Open floor plans are great and all, but let’s be real – when you can’t hear your customer over a colleague screaming away at the supplier because an order was late, you’ll want to throw ‘collaboration’ out the window. Where’s the privacy? Where’s the office flow? What about all the noise and distractions?

The truth is, that lovely open space you rented out last week will need some solid dividing to make it practical and convenient and fit for running a business. Besides, if you have a consultation or services clinic, you just absolutely need that privacy while tending to your clients.

If you’re one to move quickly and have little patience getting permissions and dealing with carpenters, room dividers can be a huge savior. With our many DIY options and quick and easy installation, you can convert any open plan into your dream workspace in a jiffy!

Here are some ideas to stir those creative juices:

1. Build a private appointment/services room

Front Desk of Salon with appointment room behind. 

Privacy is a crucial element in any appointment-based service like a beauty salon, spa or wellness center. Even consultation clinics like that of a doctor, dentist or therapist rely heavily on privacy.

If you’re already short on space, a simple partition wall with a door can do the job of creating that appointment/consultation room or massage room or examination room – whatever your service demands.

Our L-Shaped Partition Wall + Door Kit offers you the exact versatility you could ask for. All you need is a drill, a screwdriver and an hour or two of DIY fun to assemble it (maybe even less if DIY is your thing!) It comes with an accordion door that folds neatly without asking for more space. Plus, as one of our customers precisely put it, “it’s solid and strong, feels like a real room!”

Don’t be disheartened if you have no drilling permissions. Our Freestanding L-Shaped partition Wall + Door Kit comes with anchor panels at the open ends so you don’t need to drill into the existing walls! Yup, this means your partition can be as temporary or permanent as you’d like it to be.

2. Build a bossy owner’s cabin

Partition Wall with Door - Owners Office
You may not be a stickler for the age-old office hierarchy (or maybe you are), but for practical purposes, the boss needs his special space, away from the underlings! Sometimes you just need that ‘knock on the boss’ door to get the look-who’s-in-charge feels, don’t you?

Our L-Shaped Partition Room Divider is just perfect for converting any corner into an office cabin. It’s quick, it’s economical, it’s customizable and it’s easy to assemble. Plus, because it’s modular and reusable, you can simply reassemble it when it’s time for another office reno!

And let’s not forget about how sharp it looks. A DIY partition that looks as good, if not better than a professional job? Yes, brag away when you’re done.

3. Make a classy reception lobby

You’ll agree- a clean, aesthetic client/customer front can go a long way in making an impression and adding value to your business.

But adding walls to create a separate lobby area can be really demanding when you’re counting every square foot and struggling with space. Besides, a light, airy demarcation should suffice when you’re not all about hiding what goes on behind the scenes!

Our Affluent Flow Room Divider is the ideal reception-lobby-creator with modern vibes and a namesake flowy and modern aesthetic. While it divides the space oh-so-lightly, its powder-coated white aluminum frame is structurally sound with a half-moon base that keeps it super stable.

Don’t discard this option thinking it’ll be impossible for you to assemble! It might look complicated but its interlocking frame and flexible infill panels make assembly a breeze, we promise!

For those of you who like a bolder, more abstract touch to add to your décor, our Abstract Modern Room Divider is also a worthy contender. On the other hand, if the raw, industrial aesthetic is more your thing, you can make a statement with our Refined Industrial Room Divider instead.

4. Create a comfy waiting area 

Pony Wall Room Divider Waiting area

If you provide an appointment-based service, you’ll always have some clients waiting (hopefully!) while you’re tending to others. Nobody likes waiting but a comfy and stylish waiting area can be a great way to impress them and make the wait worthwhile.

You don’t need a whole lot to partition your clinic to make a clean, sleek, modern-looking waiting area. Indeed, just a few minutes is enough to assemble our Partition Room Divider or our Pony Wall Room Divider! No drills, no hassles and no holes in the pocket either.

Plus, the panel design allows reconfiguration, so you can always disassemble and re-use this partition when your needs change.

5. Create a discreet meeting room

As a business owner, you’ll understand that some meetings just call for confidentiality. Or perhaps you just want peace and quiet while discussing important matters. Now, let’s admit, you’re probably not in the mood to invest a big bunch on creating a room and soundproofing it in a 250-300sqft office, right?

That’s where our VersiPanel Acoustical Partition comes handy. Its washable fabric has a noise reduction coefficient of 0.65 (which means 65% less noise!). Plus, it has a flexible form that can be assembled and disassembled within seconds!

This partition is perfectly suited for small offices where you can create and take down a nice, formal meeting space, war-room or brain-storming area, as and when the need arises.

6. Put up unobtrusive boundaries to allocate work areas 

Dividers are sometimes practical to demarcate work zones for different people or for different tasks. They’re essential to keep the office space organized. But… There’s also that problem - partitions turn any nice, light-filled space into a dull and dark dungeon.

Fortunately, that doesn’t always have to be the case. With our Polycarbonate 360 Folding Portable Partition, you can have your space division without compromising on the spaciousness of your workspace.

This partition comes with gorgeous black aluminum frames that support a glass-effect polycarbonate fill that allows light to pass through and fill up your workspace. To add to that, its fully-lockable caster wheel base lets you move it around as you need for 100% easy flexibility!

7. Create a hangout pantry or recreational area

Hopefully, you’re not one of the ‘all work, no play’ believers! Every workspace needs some informal space to chill and relax – perhaps even a water-cooler hangout zone? But, we all know that hangouts can quickly get out-of-hand and so loud that they can destroy office decorum, making it hard for others to work.

Our SoundSorb 360 Folding Acoustical Partition can really help you here. The sound-dampening acoustical panels can reduce noise levels by 60%! Plus, they also double-up as tack-boards where you can put up notes, artwork, signage, etc. Most importantly, this partition comes with 360 degree hinges and caster wheels that allow you endless flexibility!


We understand that small businesses are often cash-strapped with a hundred different needs to fit into one tiny workspace. But the bright side is – small spaces don’t always have to be a compromise! 

Spaces can be stretched, reused, organized and divided right to fit every need. With Modular Partition Walls, you can do pretty much all of that and that too gracefully, beautifully and with your own hands!