7 Renter-Friendly Renovation Ideas

T-Shaped multi-room Modular Partition Wall in modern minimalist living room space

If you’re getting terribly bored of those bland beiges and awful off-whites of your rental walls, it might be time to give your creativity a little nudge.

But rental rules and tenant agreements are enough to intimidate any creative soul into hiding. No painting, no holes in the walls, no renovations - then what can a renter do to make his rented house his home!

The good news is, there’s a lot you can do. In many cases, renovations don’t really have to count as ‘renovations’ – they can be temporary and totally reversible even while being dramatically effective. All this without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, if you feel like it’s time to give your rental a landlord-friendly refresh, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll teach you how to revamp a rental, effuse it with character, and make it your own with some simple, convenient, and easy to follow tips: 

1. Modular Room Dividers To Divider Your Space

T-Shaped Multi-Room Modular Partition Wall in a Modern Living Room

Often, rental homes come with studio-style open plans that hinder the privacy and overall flow of the home. The completely open space can feel rather inconvenient, especially if you like to have some privacy. 

Since you can’t put up permanent walls or any other permanent barriers, stylish room dividers might be exactly what you need. They’re an excellent way to take more control of your rental unit's layout, they are completely modular, and can even  have doors built-in. Moreover, they can easily be disassembled and brought with you to your next home once the lease is over. 

There’s a huge variety of these to choose from  depending on your needs. If you want to create a small personal nook or alcove, then an L-shaped divider is a great option. You can use its backside to feature your sofa or bed, and even put up an oversized statement artwork on it.

If you only want to maintain partial privacy between two spaces in your plan, then a see-through abstract design divider might be the best choice for you. They typically have a sense of transparency about them and can be found in various unique designs.

Last but not least you have your classic folding partitions that can be put up anywhere around the home. They’re portable, so you can erect them wherever and whenever you need privacy and easily put them away again when no longer needed.

If you are interested in adding a partition wall or a room divider to your rental home but don’t find exactly what you need, feel free to contact us. We also take custom orders that match exactly your needs!

2. Color through furniture 

Pillows in orange, green, and cactus print with orange blanket

Since it typically goes against the rental contract to paint your walls (and even if you do, you typically have to repaint them back to their original color at the end of the contract), your best bet for incorporating colors in your rental unit is through furniture and accessories. 

You can use a mountain of colorful throw pillows and arrange them strategically on your couch, bed, armchairs, or even the floor. You can bring in a colorful area rug to spruce up the floor. You can even use stick-on wall art to make a drab wall come alive again.  

3. Do a washi tape project

Washi tape project on doorway

If you’ve got any unattended archways or transition areas in your homes that you want to brighten up, then you can do a DIY washi tape project. All you need is some colorful washi tapes and stick them on the underside of your arch or doorway to create a wonderful, rainbow effect. The best part is that they can be easily peeled off again once you move out. 

4. Get creative with light fixtures

Modern lamp over wooden table and chairs

Good lighting can change the face of even the dullest of spaces, but since you can’t put up electrical wiring in rentals, you should go for non-overhead lighting options. 

There are many options that you can explore here. Floor lamps are the trendiest option - homeowners are using them to create cozy reading nooks all around their spaces. Table lamps are also a great option, as they can provide beautiful accents - especially when you choose them in a contrasting temperature than that of the ceiling lights.

You can also opt for decorative and romantic options like fairy lights, plug-in hanging pendants, and even flameless candle lamps.

5. Innovative shelving ideas

White and black display shelf next to plants and a picture frame

Creative shelving can help you refurbish your rental’s ambiance a lot. You can either put up floating shelves with command hooks or you can opt for floor-oriented options - especially ones that are made out of crate and pellets. 

Steel frame bookshelves are also a good option. They’re usually paired with distressed wood shelves and simply stand against the walls. Ladder-style shelves can also be used to feature decor and accessories - plus, you don’t have to mount them on the wall; just lean them against the wall and you’ll have a stunner on your hands!

6. The window treatment dilemma

Brown leather sofa in front of windows with white curtains

Many people struggle with putting up curtains and window treatments in rentals because installation can be  quite difficult. This is where you can use the power of  command hooks - they stick to the wall without leaving any physical damage. After that, it’s just a simple matter of adjusting your curtain rod on them and hand any type of drapes that you want!

7. Set up mirrors 

Framed mirrors on a black wall behind a modern dining table

Mirrors have a way of adding character to the space. Moreover, they have natural reflective qualities that can help you brighten up a dull space. You can get an  oversized mirror and lean it against your feature wall, or get a number of small mirror frames and stick them onto your main wall to get the right effect.

There are so many interesting and unique ways to personalize a rental home. Equipped with some knowledge and a bit of time, you too can make a dream home even out of a rental!